– Or what I am up to at the moment !?!


I have been working on Bread blocks for years, food insecurity etc… now they finally make sense with these Roses blocks which took literally years also. Now I’m working on Palestinian Bread from Jerusalem Ka’ak, and next week some Challah, treaditional Jewish Bread. Finding the conflcit traumatic. 2 world wars developing at teh same time, AI and the Climate / Ecological Crisis . . . .

The weights hold the flag down, so that when we lift up the block the flag stays on the ground, block printing pushes the ink through this thin fabric, so they look great from both sides.

Pretty funny I think.

Izzy helped print all these, and with all design/drawing decisions her opinion is invaluable.



I made these 2 new blocks to go with the ”Peace Pigeon-Dove” printing block, the Key is a symbol of ”the right to return”, if you dont know all the Palestinian families still have the keys to their homes and land. I have been using these blocks to make some peace-freedom flags, please distibute this image for any non-prophit use, for hi-res images just get in contact, x Miles


This Bullshitting should probably be moved Okay so this website is aimed around promoting my work as mine, to make some money !!! My current ‘Art’ practise evolved working with other people, all my life I made stuff on my own, and it wasnt much good.

 I was part of the original art group that devised XR’s look & feel.  My hand printed linocuts went on to become the iconic images at Extinction Rebellions’ protests all over the world. If we had known that XR was going to be so successful we would have removed our names, and worked as an anonymous collective.

Clare Farrel, Clive Russel, Charlie Waterhouse and Miles Glyn, having a shouting competition in Amsterdam, at the ‘Branded Protest’ Book launch.

Clare and I had been working together on the #BODYPOLITIC project, Clive and Charlie as Graphic Designers and Branding Gurus as ‘This Aint Rock N Roll’. The four of us worked on the ‘Brixtopia’ project, so we where a good team before we met Roger Hallam . . . . .

Now I would like to sell some things, and make some less directly focussed things, and I hope that this will be part of an exciting melting pot of collaborations and activist stuff and art stuff, but yes there are many contradictions involved !!!!

Portrait of Emma Smart doing the ‘Rebellion of One’ Action, this was part of the Insulate Britain campaign.

This piece was never really fully utilised, ‘Paris 68 Redux’ made some great posters for XR, but people failed understand the idea ??? I will make a walking one soon. Since walking with placards is all the rage. This will make a great Lino cut, and a kit with different text !!!

Tim Crosland of ‘Plan B’ doing a copycat action to support Trudi Warner

In the meantime my studio is chaos, I’ve got five years of Lino cuts and wood blocks of words which I guess I am trying to get into a good place for selling, and create a new body of work, maybe more like posters ?

But I’m actually taking photos of a selection of prints and trying to make a website.

Lovely prints on Somerset paper, I think it all makes sense.

The whole house/studio is full of stuff like this.

And great stuff like this




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